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Spring 2016 - Morphite 180 FPV

Flying the Armattan Morphite 180 FPV at the park in spring time !


Logging FPV flights with RCLogbook

Using the RCLogbook iPhone app to log all my FPV flights.

The app is available HERE


Flight Routine on Crash Thursday


Armattan Morphite 180 FPV RCX Practice

Race practice with a Armattan Morphite 180 Rev 2 with RCX Hobby 1804 2400kV motors on 4S


Morphite 180 FPV with RCX 1804 Fun Ride

Just a fun ride around the park on a Armattan Morphite 180 Rev 2 with cheap 1804 2400kV RCX Hobby motors and 4045 props on 4S.


Boris BetaFlight and BLHeli 14.1.03 Test


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